Zo'Kama Do'matar served as chief medical officer of the USS Independence (NCC-77199) and USS Independence (NCC-67091). (Star Trek: Independence)

Early lifeEdit

Zo'Kama was born on Arkonia in 2333.

Educational yearsEdit

Because of her medical aptitude, she received the Sepek Academic Scholarship.

Federation Medical Academy Edit

In 2349, Zo'Kama enrolled in the Federation Medical Academy. Eight years later, she earned her doctorate.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

In 2359, Zo'Kama decided to join Starfleet. She graduated the academy, on the Commandant’s List, in 2363.

USS GeronimoEdit

Her first assignment brought her to the Akira-class ship. She served as one of the ship's doctors. A year later, she was awarded the Starfleet Surgeons' Decoration and was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade.

In 2367, she was tasked to confirm that Simon Tarses of the USS Enterprise-D was one-quarter Romulan for Norah Satie. She later regretted sending the results once she realized what they were used for.

Vulcan Medical CommandEdit

In 2368, Zo'Kama was again promoted, this time to Lieutenant, and was requested to this civilian facility.

Later that year, she was loaned out to a joint Federation-Romulan archaeological excavation on Iconia, in the Neutral Zone. (Dark Territory: "The Needs of the One")

She worked for the Vulcan agency for the next five years, where she earned the Vulcan Scientific Legion of Honor.

USS MerrimacEdit

At the onset of the Dominion War, Starfleet ordered her to the Sovereign-class vessel to serve as Chief Medical Officer. Zo'Kama practised her skills on this ship for the entirety of the war.

USS Independence (NCC-77199)Edit

Once the war concluded, Zo'Kama was reassigned to this new assault cruiser.

She took and passed the Bridge Officer's Test.

USS Independence (NCC-67091)Edit

In late October of 2376, the remaining crew of the former USS Independence (NCC-77199) received special dispensation from Starfleet Operations to rename the Jaap Penraat to Independence.

Captain Sintina Aurelia asked her to continue to serve as CMO aboard the new vessel.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Memorable quotesEdit

"I do have one question. Have they been weaned yet?"
— to Susan Windslow after she asked Zo'Kama to babysit her 6- and 12-year-old sons.


  • 2333: Born on Arkonia
  • 2348: Ritually mated; her son, Zho'Kaan, was born
  • 2349: Enrolled in the Federation Medical Academy
  • 2357: Earned her doctorate
  • 2359: Joined Starfleet
  • 2363: Graduated Starfleet Academy, ritually mated; her daughter Zo'Kala is born
  • 2364: Promoted to Lieutenant (JG)
  • 2368: Promoted to Lieutenant, assigned to Vulcan Medical Command
  • 2373: Promoted to Lieutenant Commander, assigned to the USS Merrimack
  • 2375: Promoted to Commander, assigned to the USS Independence (NCC-97650)
  • 2376: Assigned to USS Independence (NCC-67091) as CMO

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