Lieutenant Zak Kebron was a Brikar male born in the 24th century, and the third of his species to join Starfleet. He attended Starfleet Academy with Worf, Mark McHenry, and Soleta. He later served aboard the USS Excalibur and USS Excalibur-A as security chief under Captain Mackenzie Calhoun. (TNG Young Adult novel: Worf's First Adventure; Star Trek: New Frontier)

Note that later New Frontier novels stated that Kebron was the first Brikar in Starfleet, contradicting Worf's First Adventure.

In the Pendragon timeline, after the Excalibur's destruction in the Battle of Sector 001, Kebron served under Captain Elizabeth Shelby on the USS Exeter, and in 2377, followed her to the USS Magellan. (Star Trek: Pendragon)

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