Zackary Collins served as Captain on the USS Philadelphia (NCC-79223). (Star Trek: Independence)

Early lifeEdit

Collins was born on Proxima colony in 2339.

Educational yearsEdit

He was identified as a prodigy early on. His parents, however, lacked the ability to nurture his gift.

His father felt threatened by his son's intelligence. He constantly berated Zack during his youth.

At 15, Collins ran away from home and began working in the black-market.

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Zack decided to take the Starfleet entrance exam out of curiosity, just to see how well he could do. When the results came back, Starfleet offered him a spot in the next academy class.

There he excelled academically, but didn't fit in socially. His tendency for violence nearly got him kicked out, but then he was identified by the Starfleet Special Mission Unit.

Special Mission Team 11Edit

Collins was placed in this unit straight out of the academy, a feat nearly unheard of.

From 2361 to 2375, he served with the covert operation team. During that time, his high intellect and disposition for violence were encouraged and developed. He proved to be a great asset time and time again.

During that time, he gained the attention of Section 31.

USS PhiladelphiaEdit

Section 31, via Admiral Ross, posted him as first officer of the Sovereign-class starship.

He performed so well in that role, the 31 operative on the Philadelphia promoted him to captain once the former captain committed suicide.


  • 2339, born on Proxima
  • 2354, left home
  • 2357, entered Starfleet Academy
  • 2361, graduated; recruited by Starfleet Special Missions
  • 2375, hand chosen to be the first officer of the Philadelphia
  • 2376, promoted to captain of the Philadelphia

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