Zachary Beltram was the Chief of Engineering of the USS Horizon (NCC-91901) since 2383. (Star Trek: New Horizons)


Beltram was born on the Luna colony in 2347.

Academy yearsEdit

Beltram's studies at the Academy focused on engineering.

Starfleet yearsEdit

For a time in the early 2370s, Beltram taught at the Academy. Carmen Gomez was one of his students. ("Stranded")

Assigned to Horizon ProjectEdit

In late 2382, Beltram was hand picked by Admiral Thadius Rutledge to become the Chief Engineer of the Horizon Project's test ship, the USS Horizon. ("Jump")


While aboard the USS Horizon, Beltram, along with the rest of the crew, became lost in an unknown part of space when the Horizon had to make a jump while under attack from Breen forces. Beltram was injured during the attack and has since been in a coma. ("Jump", "Stranded")

Four months after going into a coma, Beltram was revived by the medical facilities aboard Sanctuary Outpost. ("Sanctuary")

Starfleet service recordEdit

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