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A group of Zabathu

The Zabathu were an equine animal native to the surface of Andoria. (TNG: "Pen Pals")

Domesticated to an extent, and used by Andorians as transport, similar to Earth horses, the Zabathu were nonetheless found wild on the ice plains of the surface, and were known to be fairly aggressive to intruders on their territory, chasing them away from young.

As of the 2390s, the Zabathu population had diminished to endangered levels. In 2390, Captain Lewis beamed down to Andoria to investigate this and also the recent vanishing of several herds. He discovered that an Andorian named Gerab had been beaming Zabathu underground where he killed them for the mother's milk, which had a limited healing effect on dying Andorians, specifically his bondmate Talla. Lewis convinced Gerab to start the first Andorian dairy farm, and the remaining Zabathu were to be protected from harm in exchange for being milked. (The Ice of Andor)

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