Lieutenant Commander Yoomoh is a sentient hologram who is the chief engineer on the USS Chichen Itza. He was created as a joke, with the head of a raccoon, the feet of a horse and the tail of a dolphin. Part of the gag was that he cannot be deactivated. Being on constantly allowed him to become sentient. He recieved his mobile emitter for his second birthday. A year later he was admitted to Starfleet Academy. In 2377 he saved the Chichen Itza from tribbles and was rewarded with the rank of Lieutenant Commander and replaced the late chief engineer.

Life on the Chichen ItzaEdit

Much of the time Yoomoh must suffer the whims of his crew, such as pranks by Commander Joop and Lieutenant Yoomba, the wrath of Dr. Ibo and the cowardice of Lieutenant Commander Rasmussen. In this regard he is in the same boat as Captain Ramirez. He has twice participated in the Galactympics on the Federation team, one year when the Klingons hosted and the next when the Dominion hosted. He has participated in an intership baseball league. He accompained Counselor Garwy when she visted her dying great-grandfather. He used a mind probe to get Dr. Ibo out of catatonia. He saved Lt. commander Rasmussen from a malfunctioning holodeck. He once was a substitute teacher in the ship's elementary school. He also has a subscription to a magazine called 'Modern Hologram'

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