Yimar was a Calafan, alive when the Enterprise made first contact with her people (In Between Days:Reversal).

Yimar as an adult
Actor: Charlize Theron
Species: Calafan
Gender: Female
Born: 2143
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Affiliation: Lafa System
Mother: Yipran
Father: Chawev
Siblings: Treve, Chelben


Early LifeEdit

Yimar was born in 2143 (In Between Days:Reversal).

When Yimar was eight years old, her mother, Yipran, began to get sick with potassium poisoning. By the time Yimar was ten, her mother was hospitalized more or less full-time after giving birth to Yimar's younger brother, Chelben (In Between Days: Reversal).

At age fourteen, she was chosen by Jennifer Crossman (mirror) to become the next High Priestess. Her father's paramour, Polloria, intended to rule as a regent, with Yimar in place as a puppet. Yimar had other plans, and was able to, with help from Douglas Jay Hayes Beckett, Jennifer Crossman, Jennifer Crossman (mirror), Charles Tucker III, Lili O'Day and Phlox, overthrow Polloria and gain control. When given the opportunity to send Doug Hayes to the Prime universe, Yimar elected to drop the veil between the universes permanently, thereby allowing Calafans to shuttle back and forth between the prime universe and the Mirror universe (In Between Days: Reversal). As the High Priestess, she wore an ancient artifact, the Cuff of Ub (In Between Days: Temper).

Temporal dislocations due to Dark Matter Pulse ShotsEdit

When Hoshi Sato (mirror) ordered pulse shots in the Mirror universe, in an effort to obtain speedier ships, this affected the timeline in the prime universe. In this instance, by 2178, Yimar held together the Calafan government in exile (In Between Days: Temper).

Personal LifeEdit

Yimar never married, but was subject to numerous advances from Calafan men of various ages, attempting to gain an advantage (In Between Days: Reversal). At a much later age, she took up with a Terran male, Josh Rosen (mirror) (Times of the HG Wells: He Stays a Stranger).

Memorable QuotesEdit

"Do you have famous, famous humans? The kind that you have crushes on and sigh about and think are wonderful but don't know you exist?"
— (In Between Days: Reversal)

External LinksEdit

Portrait of a Character - Yimar


  • Images of actors are used to simulate the cast of the series. As a result Yimar is portrayed by Charlize Theron.

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