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The Doctor and the Leader of the Medical Facility on al-Qazwini are Yggdrasil. It is an enigmatic "World-Tree", more flora, than fauna, a representation of a complicated symbiotic living organism, a kind of cooperative ecosystem based on a plant-like lifeform, which received intelligence and self-consciousness, and has its branches in another timelines and dimensions. Some scientists speculate, that the original "trunk" of the Yggdrasil surrounds its own home planet since 90 million years, the "branch", which lives on the al-Qaswini was separated from the rest only a few years ago (it is the youngest crew member), when a Starfleet expedition wanted to research the special lifeform (which is similar in effect, like the Vox Sola entity), but it still has the same memory and personality, as the rest. The Sickbay dominated by Yggdrasil is like a living forest: there are all kind of moving branches, vines, leaves, fungus, etc. inside of it, together with singing birds, papilions, small mammals, ants, etc; the patient walks inside the symbiotic body of the Doctor, not near it. There is the saying, that if somebody from the crew gets sick, a whole ecosystem, Nature himself arrives to rescue him. Yggdrasil communicates with the help of some frost-like, half a meter tall amphibian, part of his symbiotic organism, which has quite an extensive vocabulary, but Yggdrasil has its senses everywhere, and he is more self-conscious of his surroundings than most of the computerized medical equipment used on other starships. (Star Trek: USS al-Qazwini)

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