Xojo Manjala was a Tealuian male in the 24th century, who had some encounters with the crew of the USS Pioneer, and was especially enamored with Ensign Tracy Carson, he has since become infatuated with her. He was born in Tutu Province on the planet of Minark and is a member of the Manjala Clan, the Tealuian Royal Family. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

In 2378, Xojo tried to abduct Commander Connor Burt, Lieutenant Norman Craig, and Ensign Tracy Carson on the planet of Tealu for a zoo, owned and operated by the Tealuian Xenobiological Authority. ("The Caverns of Eden, Part 2")

In 2380, the crew of the USS Pioneer caught Xojo and some of his fellow researchers from Tealu performing experiments on them. ("Unwelcomed Visitors")

In 2382, Xojo joined forces with Tyson Calok on the So'ja homeworld of Ka'al after being stripped of his post at the Tealuian Xenobiological Authority and being sentenced to exile for his criminal actions. ("Question of Loyalty")

In late 2382, Xojo helped Starfleet officer Peter Bradford escape from Ka'al and rendezvous with the USS Pioneer after the Battle of Minark. ("Torment and Woe", "Dawn")

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