"What do you want?"
"I want what every loyal Terran wants. To serve and expand the Empire.
Stephen April and Crowley, in conversation.

Xander Crowley was the warden of the Imperial Union's Illiac penal colony in the mirror universe. A man with thick, sand-colored hair, perpetual stubble on his chin, and a greasy, ingratiating smile, he spoke with an accent which on Earth had belonged to Australians, but like other accents had survived decades of dislocation.

In 2385, following interception of a communiqué from Starfleet Headquarters aimed at Qo'nos regarding April, Crowley sent the information to April in exchange for records obtained by the ISS Arcadia, which contained designs for a neural neutralizer developed in the 23rd century by Simon Van Gelder. (Star Trek: New Empire)