The World of Warcraft Hall of Fame was actually the name of two institutions with similar functions: the first one was located in ch'Tarco, on Rator III, and the second one was located in Seoul, South Korea, Earth. Both emplacements held exhibits about players, teams, as well as the instances. It also was a place for the players that completed the entire game. Very often, when non-Romulan WoW players talk about the Hall of Fame, it was unambiguous that the Earth location was the one. (RIS Bouteina)

Rator III locationEdit

The Romulan WoW Hall of Fame was initially built as part of the real estate projects of the siblings of Taev Radaik. It was inaugurated when the RIS Bouteina returned home. Before its inauguration, however, a level-8 security clearance or higher was required to gain access to the list of inductees, because the members of the committee responsible for the inductions all held ranks of major/erei'riov or higher. It was the final location of the majority of World of Warcraft exhibits salvaged from the Destruction of Romulus.

The Rator III location had several exhibits, including the exhibit dedicated to the Wishblade Declaration, another one for the players who managed to unlock all the achievements of the game, and yet another one for the gear, like weapons and armor. Annika Hansen inaugurated the Hall of Fame, as well as one of its inductees. (RIS Bouteina: "Rator III Awaits")


As of 2389, new members could be inducted to the World of Warcraft Hall of Fame. All inductions fell into three categories:

  • Players. They illustrated themselves in PvP, but sometimes as PvE players as well, especially those who unlocked every achievement of the game.
  • In-game builders. They mainly comprised PvP tournament organizers, but also the people who did their best to make the game better from within the game.
  • Off-game builders. They were people who did their best to contribute to the game from outside the game, such as conducting addictology research on the game. Annika Hansen was inducted as an off-game builder.
The events of Rator III Awaits implied that the Korean counterpart of the WoW Hall of Fame comprised the same categories as the Romulan version.

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