Wo'toth was a Klingon who served as captain of the IKS Heh'mup (Striking Edge). His family had a seat on the Klingon High Council for nearly 1,000 years. (Star Trek: Independence)

Cardassia PrimeEdit

He was the provisional military governor of Cardassia Prime after the Dominion War.

While there, he and Admiral Charles Whatley concocted and plot to discredit the Romulan presence. On orders from Section 31, the admiral used his Klingon counterpart to politically embarrass the Romulan Star Empire. The plot failed, due to the interference of the USS Independence.

On stardate 53021, Wo'toth killed his Romulan counterpart, Admiral Goma, after Goma insulted the Klingon Empire. As a result of his brutal tactics against the Cardassians, killing Goma, and ordering an attack against a Romulan target, the Klingon Defense Forces were pressured off of Cardassia Prime. As punishment, Chancellor Martok demoted Wo'toth, took his chair on the High Council and confiscated his lands.

IKS HeH'mupEdit

A now, Captain Wo'toth, took command of this K'vort-class ship, after his dishonor. He made contact with a counter-31 group led by retired Admiral Uhura, and told them everything he knew about the incident on Cardassia Prime. Wo'toth joined her efforts and in late September of 2376, his ship escorted her to a secure location.

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