The Wizard-class so-called "experimental vessels" were a type of starship on active duty in Starfleet during the late 23rd century. The first of these entered service ca. 2264 and were apparently upgraded to linear warp drive about a decade later.

The modular design of the Wizards allows for different types of engineering and weapons systems to be installed and tested. The modularity enabled field tests of systems without using and risking a ship of the line.

Ships of this class have an advanced computer automation system that allows the ship to be flown either via a program or remotely via the use of a ship's unique prefix code. During testing, a ship is escorted by a fully armed and capable vessel.

Wizards have served as testbeds for new shipboard phaser units and new classes of photon torpedoes, as well as new propulsion systems and a cloaking device derived from Romulan technology.

Registries for these vessels are always preceded by the NX (Naval Experimental) prefix. (FASA RPG: Stardate 8: "Jaynz Ships of the Galaxy — Wizard Class Ships")

The registry numbers given in the article conflict with established registries for some Hermes-class scouts.

Ships commissionedEdit

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