UFP Flag
Planet: Liccus XII
Government: Third Union Wismaga
Form of Government: Confederation, Parliamentary democracy
Executive: Chief Minister
Founded: 5020 BCE
Formation: Synoecism
Location: Alpha Quadrant
Capital: Wiggoma
Legislature: Grand Curia
Language: Federation standard
Currency: Standard credits
Affiliation: United Federation of Planets
Dr. Lucus Kesar

The Wismagan are a humanoid species who inhabit the planet Liccus XII, an M Class planet, in the Alpha Quadrant. (Star Trek: Pioneer)

In 2371, the crew of the USS Maryland, under the command of Captain Barbara Hessman, were the first members of the United Federation of Planets to make contact with the Wismagan people.

In 2381, President Himta Mayala assigned Federation ambassador Dr. Lucus Kesar to become the Federation Special Envoy to the So'ja Resistance. ("The Nothingness")

Early HistoryEdit

The Wismagan recorded history only goes back 8000 years, beginning with their colonization of Liccus XII, a desert planet, which they then took 600 years converting it into a more hospitable planet. Most Wismagan scholars believed they were once a group of nomads who traveled space searching for a home. Once their society had fully incorporated themselves onto Liccus XII, they declared that they were the Third Union of the Wismaga, which hints at the possibility that their society is much older than their recorded history.


The governing body of the Wismagan is officially called the Grand Curia, it is similar to parliamentary democracy, with a Chief Minister as the head of state. The Chief Minister's term of office lasts for three years, after which they may run for reelection if they so choose. The Wismagan political system incorporated a "course of honor" system similar to that found in Ancient Rome on Earth. Most Chief Ministers are aged in their 60s, but Lucus Kesar was 42 when he became Chief Minister, making him the youngest in their recorded history.


The average height amongst all Wismagan is roughly five feet and ten inches. Their face is similar to human, except the mouth and nose look more like a chimpanzee's than a human. Light brown hair surrounds their faces, almost like a lion's mane. Their entire body, except for palms and soles, is covered in hair. Hair which is similar to fur found on apes on the planet Earth.

Notable WismaganEdit


The look of the Wismagan were inspired by the apes from 1968 film "Planet of the Apes".

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