The Wishblade Declaration was a document signed by some of the most prominent Tal Prai'ex officers, as well as the leaders of major Romulan World of Warcraft guilds. The document contained a variety of resolutions concerning World of Warcraft-related issues and what they demanded of the Romulan Senate back in 2380. Among the people who signed the Wishblade Declaration was Annika Hansen. It was second only to the Naxxramas Edict in importance among WoW-related political documents issued outside Federation territory. (RIS Bouteina: "New York Convention")

Taev Radaik was the only person who signed the Declaration without having actually played World of Warcraft. (RIS Bouteina: "Cigarette Redshirt")

The documentEdit

To whom it may concern,

Recognizing that World of Warcraft is not about skill or how smart the player is or anything, we acknowledge that something should be done about World of Warcrack. It's about how much time the player can blow on it. We also recognize that new content is scarce to pass by after the release of each volume, or, simply put, of each expansion, and also how unimaginative this new content is. Therefore, it is in our duty to press our case to the Senate so the people of the Romulan Star Empire can finally and fully acknowledge the danger World of Warcraft poses to the Empire.

Here is our list of demands to the Senate:

  • Place a strict quarantine on every shipment of World of Warcrack
  • Seize World of Warcraft from people sentenced to prison terms for drug-related offenses
  • Halt all World of Warcraft research
  • Forbid "gold vending" (i.e. people who farm in-game gold for real latinum) operations within Romulan territory

Our other demands are not addressed directly to the Senate since the content of World of Warcrack is not an issue that can be solved through the Romulan public service, much less under the direct control of the Senate. Nevertheless, we will expose our list of content-related demands:

  • Make 2 vs. 2 or solo arenas economically viable (i.e. properly reward the participants that do win)
  • Build more solo content for every step of the way, starting from Burning Crusade onwards
  • Upscale the level of difficulty of the game, considering that every character can learn any skill
  • Make the daily quests open-ended
  • Make the older areas worthwhile after reaching Lv. 70
  • Make the loot from the major raid bosses more abundant
  • Downscale the availability of epic/legendary gear and upscale the quality of epic/legendary gear


Even eight years after the Wishblade Declaration was made, the only action that the Senate did take was to forbid "gold vending". Also, Blizzard Entertainment decided to make 2 vs. 2 PvP arenas more viable.

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