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William O’Shea ran afoul of the USS Justice in 2296 when he was held for questioning regarding a virus that was set loose on the ship. (Tales of the Seventh Fleet)

Early life and careerEdit

William O’Shea was born in {{{Town-to-be-named}}}, on {{{Planet-to-be-named}}} in 2261. He joined Starfleet and began his career in 2279. During his career in Starfleet, he served on a total of four ships, including the USS Rittenhouse.

Life after StarfleetEdit

After leaving Starfleet, O’Shea took a job as a Navigator on a merchant vessel. In 2296 the merchant vessel he was on was detained by Starfleet personnel at Starbase 24 for delivering two antique plasma rifles to a quarantined planet. He was also held for suspicion of being involved in the release of a biological agent aboard the USS Justice.


The only known relationship O'Shea has is his past association with Robert Lupia when both served together on the USS Rittenhouse.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Wait a minute. I’m just the ship's navigator."
— O'Shea while being questioned by the crew of the Justice ("Upgrade")


  • 2261: William O'Shea is born
  • 2279: Begins his Starfleet career upon entering Starfleet Academy
  • 2292: Retires from Starfleet service.
  • 2296: Arrested for delivering two plasma rifles (even though they were antiques) to a quarantined planet.

Background informationEdit

  • Thomas Hendricks is no relation to Eugene Hendricks who plays Robert Lupia in the same series.

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