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William F. "Bill" Gee, Jr. (Bill to everyone) was the first officer and chief engineer of the starship USS Lexington. (Star Trek: Lexington (fan film series))

Early life & careerEdit

He comes from a family who's been in space ever since the end of the third world war. Bill's father was in the Merchant Marines and was killed in an Orion pirate raid when Bill was only a toddler.

Bill Gee was accepted for Starfleet Academy in 2252. Much like his best friend, Alex McKnight, he had to study real hard. He graduated second of his Academy class in 2256, earning him a posting on the USS Hood. While at the Academy, he befriended Alex McKnight Alexander McKnight, with whom he became best friends with and would serve alongside most of his career.

The Lexington missionEdit

Bill is constantly tinkering with the Lexington's systems to make the ship nearly 100% operational; for which, he has earned numerous awards and more than one of his "projects" (his own term) has become a Fleet-wide standard. It is mostly due to his efforts that the Lexington was named the "Flagship of the Federation" (a title shared with the Enterprise).

Bill is highly confident in himself and he says Engineering is his kingdom... a kingdom you just don't mess with. "You enter at your own risk" he frequently tells visitors to the ship as an icebreaking joke. Alex is not hesitant to enter engineering but it's been known that Bill will put Alex on some system repairs while Alex was talking highly important ship's business with him.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Bill will admit to having a rough childhood... his mother had to work two jobs to support her and him. Bill even had a half-sister-- for about 3.8 minutes after her birth. Bill never talks about her... he claims he was an only child.

He's been single for a while and he's not really looking right now to settle down... the Lexington keeps him more than busy.


Bill is single right now; rather, he's married more to his job than anything. He is a very passionate lover, which comes as a surprise to those who know him well, as he's not dated much since leaving the Academy.

Both of Bill's parents are deceased.

Memorable quotesEdit

"Alex, hand me that spanner. I've got to fix the ship you broke."
— Gee to McKnight- "Commodore Trelane"


  • Junior Engineering Officer, USS Hood, NCC-1713 (2256-61)
  • Assistant Engineering Officer, USS Lexington, NCC-1709 (2261-68)
  • Chief Engineering Officer, USS Lexington, NCC-1709 (2268-71)
  • Co-Designer, Excelsior and Pearl Harbor (Lexington) class starships (2271-86)
  • Consultant, Starfleet Research and Development, Propulsion Division (2271-2276)
  • Professor of Engineering, Starfleet Academy (2276-2283)
  • Commanding Officer, USS Lexington, NCC-1709 (2283-2286)
  • Chief Engineering Officer, USS Lexington, NCC-1709 (2286-present)

External linkEdit

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