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A Federation colony is having problems connecting with the rest of the Federation.

Log EntriesEdit

  • Captain's Log, Stardate 55181.6: We have arrived at New Cardiff and are making final preparations for our investigation into the bandwidth issues.
  • Captain's log, Stardate 55184.9: The source of subspace interference has been neutralized. However, the party responsible for causing the interference has responded. Baldwin is more than ready for this tactical engagement.

Memorable quotesEdit

  • "We have received seventy-seven percent of Dr. Murrow's total database. Much of the data is his archive of genetic research."
    "What sort of genetic research."
    "Enough genetic research to create a psychological profile on both Khan and Malina. Augments like them tend to think of themselves as the ultimate in human evolution. That sort of thinking is actually indicative of a mental disorder."
    Sarah Allison, Erica Thomas, and Patrick Ingrum.
  • "How are you feeling?"
    "I just had my weekly checkup with Dr. Bratney. Baby Petrelli is at 22 weeks and is doing well."
    Patrick Ingrum and Jaimie Petrelli
  • "So, you're past the halfway mark, is Joshua going to have a little brother or a little sister?"
    "Don't tell anyone else I told you," Jaimie responded, "but I'm going to need a lot of pink."
    "Have you got a name for your little one picked out."
    "Not really. I was thinking something like a Jessica, Justine, Jeanne."
    "Jaimie, no. You, your son, and your sister-in-law both already have 'J' names. Why not go for something different?"
    Bridget Ingrum and Jaimie Petrelli, revealing the gender of Jaimie's second child and suggesting names.
  • "I want you, Patrick. I need you, and you know damn well how much I love you."
    "Well, I know two out of those three ain't bad. The perfect trifecta is even better."
    Bridget and Patrick
  • "Get a room."
    "Last time I checked, this is our room."
    Jaimie Petrelli and Patrick Ingrum
  • "Have I told you how much I love you?"
    "75 times last night, while you were in the afterglow of an amazing night of passion."
    "And here, I thought I was the statistics guy."
    "I've got the supercharged Augment brain, remember?"
    "Oh, I do, and I love you for it. Don't you forget that."
    "Okay, stop it before we get in trouble with JP."
    [Jaimie enters the room]
    "I take it I just interrupted an exchange of witty and flirtatious banter."
    Patrick, Bridget, and Jaimie
  • "Looks like someone didn't put enough latinum in the maintenance fund."
    Patrick Ingrum, after a warbug was destroyed with minimal effort.


  • The gender of both anticipated children are revealed to be girls.
  • Gloria Dawson returns, now the captain of the USS Marion


Dawson, Gloria; Ingrum, Patrick; USS Marion; New Cardiff; Petrelli, Jaimie; Whitburn, Jacob

External linksEdit

  • White Noise Full text of the story, on the author's website.

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