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Where No Gerbil Has Gone Before is a novel by the pseudonymous jespah.

The story is told from the perspective of Chandler Masterson, while on the Enterprise (NX-01).

On April 25, 2160, Chip has his girlfriend, Deborah Haddon, over for their first night together. However, while putting her clothes away, she finds a stuffed gerbil toy named Stella. Chip proceeds to tell her a story of the early NX program, when he, José Torres, Aidan MacKenzie, Jennifer Crossman, Judy Kelly, Meredith Porter, Josh Rosen, Michael Rostov, Elizabeth Cutler, Derek Kelby, Brooks Haynem, Charles Tucker III, Jonathan Archer and A. G. Robinson worked together in order to perfect a new type of inertial dampers, in 2149, and the ensuing prank war.

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