A holographer's depiction of Yhayes and Del-Arco. Taken from the Galactopedia archive.

"When None Have Gone Before" is the pilot prose archive of the Trekker's Alternity Galactopedia, presented in three episodic parts. Previous Galactopedia information had only been published in database format.


This story introduces the transcendental "alternity" which is a plot device explaining time travel, alternate reality and inter-universal crossovers.

A Federation starbase named Star Station Questar-9 is trapped in a strange realm where existence transcends the facts of normal space and time. The crew struggles with the tenuous nature of the universe as they come to learn about horrific threats to the entirety of civilization in the galaxy.


Yhayes M'Rumn; Jase Ildré; Quilg; Del-Arco; R.L. Harlanser


alternity; Broken Bow-class; USS Carbon Creek; commodore; corsair; Flaargen-Tak; naval construction contract; navigational contact code; Star Station Questar-9


Construction begins on the Creek.
The Creek is launched.
The Creek is commissioned and arrives at Q9.
The station is trapped outside of normal space.
The crew discovers Pod 6.

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