Doctor Warragul William Wirrpanda, M.D. was a human male on active service as a Federation Starfleet medical officer in the early 25th century. (Bait and Switch)


Warragul was born on the Sagara IV colony to Australian parents. His mother was an ethnic Pintupi from Murray Bridge and his father was from Perth. ("Shakedown Shenanigans", "Last Rights")

Warragul graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2404 with a specialty in trauma surgery, and was assigned to Starbase 324 for his residency. He then served as chief of surgery on USS Alphecca. ("Shakedown Shenanigans")


In 2409 he held the rank of lieutenant junior grade and was assigned to USS Bajor to serve as chief medical officer under Captain Kanril Eleya. ("Shakedown Shenanigans")


In 2410, Warragul treated Reshek Gaarra for severe injuries sustained shielding Dr. Onas from an explosion in Bajor's deflector control room. ("Reality Is Fluid, Part II")

On the Day of Remembrance, Warragul joined with Dul'krah, Clan Korekh and his subordinate Anoeza Watkins in playing "I Will Remember You" in honor of Bajor's dead, including T'Var. ("To Absent Friends")

When Birail Riyannis underwent the zhian'tara before USS Bajor was deployed to the Delta Quadrant, Warragul took on the personality of Riyannis' first host, Chiga Rakalyan. ("Tinker, Golfer, Doctor, Trill")

Following the death in action of Senior Chief Petty Officer Athezra Darrod on Kobali Prime, Warragul reacted angrily to General Q'Nel requesting Bajor's battle dead for the creation of new Kobali, accusing the Kobali of starting the war with the Vaadwaur and seeking to dishonor the dead. ("Last Rights")


Warragul spoke with an Australian accent due to his parents, and notably pronounced the rank of lieutenant as "leftenant". ("Shakedown Shenanigans", "All In")

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