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"Warfare" was the twelfth episode in the first season of Star Trek: Phoenix-X.


A Romulan Warbird, led by Plutark, intercepts a secret transmission of special torpedo schematics between the USS Phoenix-X and Starfleet Intelligence. In order to gain support against the Phoenix-X, they get the help of the Cardassian, Gul Meloneus.

Log entriesEdit

"Captians log, stardate 52339.1. It's been a week since the Slipstream Torpedo incident. We've just finished repairing the outer hull of the ship, replaced the fifth nacelle and I had Lieutenant Walace pull a little more security around communications. We've also been learning a little more about the Slipstream Torpedo and adapted some features of it's subspace qualities to our own Transwarp engines. We'll also be having a visit from Admiral Rebola."

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