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Just when everyone thought that the Borg menace had been eradicated once and for all... an unwelcome visitor makes an unexpected return. Captain Breawyn Lem and the Independence must find a way to stop a new, mysterious class of Borg vessel from carrying out its deadly mission.

Memorable quotesEdit

"They just don't seem to stay killed, do they?"
- Ensign Chisato Bayushi, "Bigger Fish"
“I can protect myself against an unconscious Borg…”
-Counselor Moasi al Mari


Borg; Section 31; Sovereign-class; Starship Independence

Background informationEdit

  • This episode introduces a new Borg threat to the Alpha quadrant.
  • Doctor Orlando Sturges joins the crew during this episode and is immediately thrown into battle.
  • Ensign Baushi Chisato wrote a letter to her parents before going on an away mission to infiltrate the Borg ship in "Letters Home" -- the scene was rewritten in alternate styles, including Valley Girl, Shakespearean and Jive Talkin'.
  • Also, in this episode, Lt Cmdr Mathias, an ex-Borg, found her implants reactivating while in close proximity to the drones.

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