Waltzing Matilda is a traditional Earth song from the state of Australia. It was arguably one of the more famous songs associated with Australian heritage and nearly became Australia's national anthem in 1974.

The song was about an itinerant wanderer camped by the side of a billabong who stole a sheep. When prosecuted by the authorities the swagman chose to commit suicide by jumping into the billabong and his ghost was said to haunt the billabong.

Voyager Lieutenant Henry Kano was known to be very fond of the song, often audibly whistling or singing it while bored. Ensign Tom Paris argued Men at Work's "Down Under" was a far better expression of pride in one's Australian heritage. It was often a point of contention between the two men.

Henry Kano would often state that the song was a perfect expression of the traditional Australian disregard for established authority. He would further say that the character of independent frontiersman life was best captured by the song. (Star Trek: Voyager - Dark Realm)

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