Walt Quick was a human Starfleet officer in the late 24th century. He held numerous assignments during his career, notably as a Starfleet SEAL aboard the relaunched USS Pendragon in the late 2380s. (Star Trek: Pendragon)


Walter Schaffer Quick IV

Life and careerEdit

Walter Schaffer Quick IV was born to one of the "first families" of Proxima Centauri in 2350. His ancestors were among the earliest colonists in the system, and founded a mining business that thrived well into the 24th century. They were also among a group of Proxima colonists who suffered from a viral mutation that left them photosensitive and, in a sense, vampiric. Those traits were passed down to Walt, though genetic therapy was able to partially correct the disorder.

Walt entered Starfleet Academy in 2368, majoring in security and tactics. His graduation in 2372 came during the early days of the Federation Civil War, and he found himself caught behind Vice Admiral Leyton's blockade of Sector 001. Unable to break past the lines, Walt joined the resistance on Earth.

During Operation Return, he demonstrated great heroism in the resistance assault on Starfleet Headquarters. In the aftermath, he was promoted to Lieutenant junior grade, and assigned as a tactical officer aboard the USS Asgard. Walt remained with the Asgard for several years, eventually becoming security chief.

In 2378, Walt accepted a transfer to the USS Dauntless as security chief under Captain Timothy Barranco. He remained with the Dauntless after Captain Barranco's departure, until he was recommended for the SEALs training program in 2381.

As a SEAL, Walt quickly rose through the ranks, becoming XO of SEAL Team Delta-3, a post which he held until he was assigned as leader of a team assigned to the USS Pendragon after he relaunch in 2385.

Background informationEdit

  • In photomanipuations used for Star Trek: Pendragon, Walt Quick is "played" by Michael Weatherly.
  • The idea of mildly "vampiric" humans from Proxima originated in the Vanguard Fleet PBeM game (part of the Federation Gaming Network), and was later picked up by the Typhon Station game, where author T.L. Morgan discovered it.

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