Wallace (sometimes spelled Walace) was Chief of Security aboard the USS Phoenix-X from its launching in 2374, until 2377 when he joined Section 31. He was always a friend to the crew of the Phoenix-X, using his position as an operative to warn the crew about dangers that they would otherwise not be aware of. In 2384, he rejoined the Phoenix-X as an observer on behalf of Section 31. (Star Trek: Phoenix-X: "Forbidden Crossing, Part I")


Early in his service aboard the Phoenix-X, Wallace was approached by Section 31 to serve as an inside man aboard the ship. Section 31 offered Wallace genetic enhancements to increase his intelligence in hopes that he would comply. By the year 2377, both the captain and commander of the Phoenix-X caught on to Wallace's reports and confronted him about it. It was at this point, Wallace was ready to join the organization. Feeling responsible for his actions, he promised to use his position in the agency to help the Phoenix-X in any way possible – including supporting the ship whenever issues would arise. ("Secret Shuttles, Part I")


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