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Walkabout was a play-by-email RPG, originally part of Obsidian Fleet. The fleet's first civilian PBEM sim, the game is set in the mid-2380s aboard the SS Walkabout, a Groumall-class Cardassian freighter, now a freelance cargo vessel and transport, captained by Robert Zhou.

During its ninth mission, Walkabout broke off from Obsidian Fleet, becoming an independent sim. Soon after, Walkabout became a founding member of The Capricorn Group.

The Walkabout sim was placed on hiatus in June, 2008, and officially ceased operations in August of that year.


  1. - Hard Yakka
  2. - Waltzing Matilda
  3. - Billabong
  4. - Pub With No Beer
  5. - The Drover's Dream
  6. - The Dying Stockman
  7. - The Gaffer, The Ringer, and The Snagger
  8. - The Wild Rover
  9. - Lazy Harry's
  10. - Road To Omeo

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