Waka-class starships were a medium cruiser class in use in the mid- to late-24th century used primarily for border patrols and scientific missions. (Star Trek: The Cantabrian Expeditions)

Technical dataEdit

Ship designEdit

The Waka-class starship consisted of 19 decks, including a bridge, main engineering, science labs, medical facilities, crew quarters, and recreational facilities. The ship also had a main shuttlebay, a large cargo bay, and several smaller cargo bays. There were four transporter rooms aboard.

The stardrive section also had several external features, including two impulse engine facilities, three torpedo launchers (two forward, one aft), two warp nacelles, a dorsal sensor platform, and two phaser emitters.

Most facilities were located in the saucer section as the Waka-class had a small stardrive section, located above the saucer section holding sensor platforms and warp nacelles.

The Waka-class starship project started development in the 2360s.

Ships of the classEdit

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