The Vulcan Science Academy or Vulcan Academy of Science was an prestigious educational institute and Federation research center on Vulcan.

The Academy is an institution that predates the founding of the United Federation of Planets and has been one of the most significant science and research centers on Vulcan and within Federation space. Its main campus was outside the city of ShiKahr. (TOS Crucible trilogy: The Fire and the Rose)

In the mid-2150s the Academy's findings on temporal science led most Vulcans to remain highly skeptical of the possibility of time travel. (ENT: "Awakening")

At least during the 23rd century, the Academy was affiliated with the University of Makropyrios. (Star Trek II Biographies)

The Academy had no department of temporal physics until the late 2290s, when Spock applied for a research position specializing in that field. (The Fire and the Rose)

The Crucible trilogy is set in a different continuity than many of the novels published by Pocket Books. In novels such as Vulcan's Forge, for example, Spock commanded the science vessel USS Intrepid II during the corresponding period.

The Academy was also at the forefront of archaeological research in the 24th century, excavating ancient sites on the planet Tagus III. (TNG: "QPid")


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