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Voyages of the SS Hanford is the fan fiction series following the voyages of the Space Freighter SS Hanford and its continuing mission to serve the Alpha Quadrant.


Not ALL adventures in the 24th Century occurring in the "Final Frontier" happen on a Starfleet Starship! This series shows the life of a civilian freighter captain and his crew can be just as exciting.


Reoccurring CharactersEdit


  • A Description of the Vessel
  • A Different Kind of Alien
  • A Report on a Time Capsule
  • A Rescue Mission
  • A Rescue Mission Continued
  • A Visit to the Pa'UR's Planet
  • A trip with the former Captain
  • Backward
  • Kidnapped
  • First Impress
  • Our Trip to Romulus
  • Our Trip to Romulus part 2
  • Gulliver

Short stories & vignettesEdit

  • Fur-st Contact
  • A Letter from Julie to Casz
  • More Pa'UR Poetry
  • One of I'Aisha's Letters Home

Canon and continuityEdit

The continuity of Voyages of the SS Hanford include:

note: Although the trappings and terminology of the Star Trek Universe is used in the stories, all content (characters, places, names) are original.

External linksEdit

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