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At Unity Starbase in the Gateway system, Captain Lewis arrives to take command of the Akira-class starship USS Geronimo, known throughout Starfleet for being a ship full of nutters and Starfleet Academy rejects. Indeed, the Geronimo's last Captain, Gregory McCray has been sectioned for a spell of treatment at the Tantalus Mental health institute! In his temporary absence, Lewis must take the crew and ship through their paces and on a mission of exploration to a new sector of space near Romulan territory.

Lewis calls a meeting of all the new crew, although some of them turn up late, and after brief introductions, he informs them of their new mission. The crew beam over to the Geronimo and the Captain gives them ten minutes to get settled before departure. However, when the Geronimo IS ready to depart, the warp engines fail and Chief Engineer Lorkesh reports that it will be several hours before they are ready to try warp drive again.

To pass the time, First officer Commander Kaialin suggests a meet and greet party in the Mess hall so that the crew and Captain can get to know each other. (Star Trek: Redemption)

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