"A pocket time machine. Very nice!"
— Captain Lewis

A Vortex Manipulator

A vortex manipulator was a device used for basic time travel by beaming a person through the time vortex. Developed by Temporal Command, several of these devices were used by the Home Guard. During the Third World War, Colonel Phillip Green confiscated at least two from Chloe Fisher, and used them to travel to the twenty-fourth century, where he entered into an alliance with the Borg Collective. Laura Lee later recovered one to escape from Green's Borg cube, which Captain Lewis subsequently borrowed to travel around the Time War.

Another Vortex manipulator, former Home Guard property, was obtained by Captain Lewis in 2017 when he and Eleanor were trapped on post-atomic Earth by the Captain's Mirror Universe counterpart. It was modified to take the pair into the Mirror Universe, where upon meeting Cassandra Green it returned all three to the primary universe and forward through time to Unity Starbase, after which it burnt out.(Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))

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