Vorina was a former Orion slave girl and a pirate who joined Sha'Kev's pirate crew before the Tholians' retaliations against the Orion Syndicate in 2379. She has battled the Excelsior's crew on several occasions and is now in league with Siroc, former Starfleet Lieutenant Milo Surgant, and former Cardassian Glinn Betras. (Star Trek: Hidden Frontier)

First encounterEdit

Vorina was part of the pirate crew that captured Lt. Commander Robin Lefler, Lt. Toby Witszcak, and Excelsior's new chief of security, Lt. Luko. She was part of a plot to obtain trilithium resin to create a large explosive device for a client of her Captain (and lover), Sha'Kev. It was later that this client is none other than Siroc.

The Excelsior arrives just in time to rescue Lt. Luko and Commander Lefler, but at a heavy cost; the life of Lt. Witszcak, who was shot in retribution for Lefler initially refusing to assist Sha'Kev in the recovery of the trilithium resin from the derelict hulk of the USS Maverick, a Ranger-class starship.

Second encounter and new alliancesEdit

She was later found in a disabled freighter when the away team from Excelsior found her in 2379, along with the now-dead Sha'Kev and was placed in a brig by Captain Shelby. Shelby also interrogated Vorina, discovering that it was the Tholians who attacked Sha'Kev's ship, killing. Shortly after her interrogation, she secretly "escaped" from the Excelsior without detection by security personnel. ("Hell's Gate, Part 1 & 2")

She was also part of the mission to get a scans of Ba'ku along with DiFalco, as well as negotiating the Breen to join the Tholians in 2381. ("Entanglement, Part 1" & "2") The Breen had accepted the offer to form their alliance with Siroc and the Tholians against the Federation and its allies. ("Imminent Danger")

In 2382, Vorina traveled secretly to Deep Space 12 with Surgant, to meet up with Betras, who had escaped from a medium-security prison on one of the moons of Cardassia Prime, leaving Deep Space 12 on course for Siroc's location. ("Homeport ").

Background informationEdit

The role of Vorina was formerly portrayed by Suzy Kaplan up until HF Season 5. With Kaplan's departure, Julie Anne Gardner replaced Kaplan in the role of Vorina in HF Season 6, starting from the episode "Homeport".


This article incorporates text from the Star Trek: Hidden Frontier wiki.

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