Voracious is a short story by the pseudonymous jespah.

The story is told from the perspective of Chef William Slocum, prior to changes in the personnel complement of the Enterprise (NX-01).

In April of 2153, Slocum heads to San Mateo, California after the Xindi attack, in order to have a fancy meal out before heading back into space. Will has been tasked with changing his staff, as room has to be set aside for a MACO unit. Will's only helper, the server Preston Jennings, successor to Richard Daniels, is moving over to navigation as a part of the war effort.

Jonathan Archer has told Will that he can hire one helper. Will is looking for someone who can not only serve, but can also work as a sous-chef, a saucier and a pastry chef. He heads to a new fusion place called Voracious.

While at the restaurant, Will enjoys his food and meets the chef, Lili O'Day. Impressed with her skills, and mindful of the fact that she has said she's getting tired of the business end of running a restaurant, he begins to talk up the Enterprise, to see if she'll be interested in coming aboard.

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