Vonus was a Vulcan medical doctor assigned to the Starfleet hospital ship USS Cole in 2385 (Henglaar, M.D.: "Best Served Cold")

Dr. Vonus was considered to be one the best doctors in Starfleet (Henglaar, M.D.: "Vector of Infection"), although she often uses the unorthodox method of deliberately infecting herself with an affliction then using the results as a test case. In one such example, while treating a severely sick Romulan child aboard the USS Cole, she injected herself with the same set of blood toxins detected in the patient to see if her Vulcan liver could metabolize the toxins successfully. This hypothesis proved correct and was used by Dr. Henglaar to determine the patient's primary affliction, radiation poisoning. (Henglaar, M.D.: "Profit Without Honor")

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