Volante (Flamsteed: 23 Librae II) was a Class M planet in the 23 Librae system. It was inhabited by the Sabek, a Nuclear Age civilization. (Bait and Switch)


By 2361, Volante was divided between two rival national blocs, the Alliance for Global Unity and the People's Syndicalist Dominion. By 2411 the two groups had fought two wars, including at least one limited nuclear exchange.

In 2411, USS Bajor was in orbit of Volante, observing the native Sabek and awaiting the arrival of USS Karelia. When a nuclear war erupted on the surface that computer simulations predicted would drive the Sabek to extinction, Captain Kanril Eleya ordered her crew to break the Prime Directive and intervene. USS Bajor destroyed most of both sides' strategic nuclear forces from orbit and made any further conflicts impossible.

In the aftermath of the Third Alliance-Dominion War, Volante required terraforming efforts to scrub radiation from the atmosphere. ("Shortest War Ever")

The planet joined the Federation in 2456. ("Light on the Horizon")


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