The VoDleH class (English: Emperor) was a Klingon heavy battlecruiser class used by the Klingon Defense Force in the late 23rd century. They were used as sectorial flagships when there was no dreadnought available. Also, this class was one of two successors to the Ber'taa-class.

In 2293, there were twenty-four units in service, with six under construction. They were upscaled D7-class ships in order to simplify construction; despite this fact, it took nearly two years from the moment the keel was laid down to the launching date, due to the lack of common components between the two. They were slower than their Federation or Romulan counterparts, the Excelsior-class and the Llaiir'Dhael-class respectively, due to the emphasis on armament. Nevertheless, only the best Klingon captains could command such monsters. They had four warp nacelles and they were long rumored to be an ancestor of the Vor'cha-class. (TOS video game: Klingon Academy)

One of the surviving ships, the IKS Ky'jecum, was infested by the Mijanou Syndrome after pirating the Lyran-ISC border for many years. The Ky'jecum was infested by some people transferred over to the IKV Eidolon in 2342. The surviving crewmen were cured in 2388, with hylanatine mixed with citric acid. (RIS Bouteina: "Two-Speed Intellect")

Star Fleet BattlesEdit

During the General War, the races continued to improve their designs. Frigates, which were too small to survive in fleet battles, had given way to war destroyers. Cruisers were replaced by command cruisers, then heavy command cruisers, and finally heavy battle cruisers. The VoDleH was a superb example of the BCH type, easily the equal to the Federation Kirov-class. The improved firing arcs made up for the degraded turn rate.

The "KCR" was the Romulan conversion of a VoDleH. This amount of weaponry aboard was determined to be the maximum amount that could be placed on a hull of this size. The cost of this ship was nearly the same as the cost of the PumwI'-class, but without that ship's improved weaponry or shielding. It is unknown how many VoDleHs the Romulans could have obtained, but probably just a few.

Note: In Star Fleet Battles, the VoDleH class is referred to as the C7 but the video game Klingon Academy lists it as VoDleH, which serves as the canonical name in RIS Bouteina.

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