Virakas was a Lyran count of the late 23rd century, most famous for playing a pivotal role in the First Battle at the Grave of Thoughts during the late stages of the ISC War of Pacification, resulting in the capture of the flagship of the Interstellar Concordium Pacification Army's 4th Fleet. His key role at the head of the Iron Fang County made it single-handedly gain the respect of the rest of the Lyran Star Empire lost after Varashar's betrayal. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Structural Unemployment")

Production notesEdit

Although events pertaining to the ISC War of Pacification that made the Iron Fang clan regain the respect of the Lyran Star Empire were alluded to in the Star Trek: The Stoneship Files episode Highly Illogical, it was not until much later that it was revealed to be the First Battle at the Grave of Thoughts.

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