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Born in the Bronx NY in 2363, daughter of Colonel William, and Sharon Love. Had a high adaptability level. was reading at 12 grade level at the age of 7. Picked up sciences early, and shown high depth in the field of Astrometrics. In 2376 she won the Daystrom Young Science Academic Certificate, and entered the Daystrom Institute as their youngest student. In 2379, Colonel William Love died in Marine Neutralization Operation at a known Orion smuggling holding facility on Tarkana IV. In 2380, she entered the Starfleet Marine Corp Academy. She showed high Intellect, as well adaptability to situations. She also scored high in Marksmanship, Piloting, and Helsmanship. She would graduate in the upper 98 percentile in 2384. In 2388 she temporarily served as First Officer on the USS Crusader.


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