"Vengeance" was the twenty-second episode in the first season of Star Trek: Phoenix-X.


The Phoenix-X is taken over by the Boosti, a species in which their bodies liquefy and merge with aliens who are solids. With the advantage of being away during the take over, Armond and the Captain return to the Phoenix-X to do what they can to save the crew - unfortunately, Daniel's powers are taken away by a rogue X, except for a tiny fraction, making it that much more difficult.


Background informationEdit

  • This episode marks the loss of Daniel's extreme omnipotent status, and turns it into a half-mortal/half-omnipotent status. It is a significant status change that would continue until losing them completely in "Destiny's Revenge, Part III". He would later re-receive his "partial" omni-powers in "Power Levels".
  • This episode also marks Armond and Monique's marriage.
  • In this episode a group of Q fall from the Continuum to become followers of X. This would be one of the most significant changes in Star Trek: Phoenix-X.
  • From this point on, select mortals throughout the galaxy would be given fractions of omnipotent power.



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