Vendoth Command ship

Vendoth Command Ship

The Vendoth Command ship was the largest warship fielded by the Vendoth military. These ships had a mass that was roughly equal to half a Borg cube. Only one of these vessels have ever been encountered by Starfleet. That vessel was the flagship of the Roj Che'dak, the leader of the Vendoth military. This vessel was the Mer'jot Ducmre, which means "Law Bringer" in the Vendoth's native language. (Star Trek: Unity (crossover))

Like all Vendoth ships they were equipped with shields that solidified when hit by weapons' fire. This outer shell then acts as a sort of 'bandage' over the damaged portion of the shield allowing it to be repaired.

They were also armed with a type of energy weapon that when fired appears like a plasma burst. Its effects are however very different, when it comes into contact with another ship's shields it solidifies that area of the shields. The firepower of these weapons are similar to more conventional energy weapons used in the Alpha Quadrant.

Attack on the FederationEdit

The Roj Che'dak led the invasion of Earth from the bridge of the Mer'jot Ducmre. This vessel with its two escorting Dreadnaughts forced their way through Starfleet's defences and reached Earth.

Towards the end of the battle with most of the Vendoth fleet destroyed and the Mer'jot Ducmre heavily damaged the Roj Che'dak ordered the use of the Command ship's most fearsome weapon, a doomsday weapon that was capable of destroying an entire planet. Only the timely arrival of the USS Enterprise-E, which dealt a killer blow to the Mer'jot Ducmre saved Earth. (Star Trek: Unity (crossover): "United We Stand - Together")

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