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Vas Jos was a junior officer working in the Medical Division on the Vulcan ship Sorlek before transferring to Unity One Starbase. (Star Trek: Unity (fan film series))

Early life and careerEdit

Vas Jos, or "Va's" for short, was born and raised in San Francisco at Starfleet HQ, his father and mother both being scientists, he was raised in the world of science, so naturally when he was old enough he was initiated into starfleet academy learning science but V'as yearned more so against the wishes of his parents he opted for medicine, he quickly moved through the academy using his analytical mind to solve any problem or exam that he was faced with he graduated years earlier than usual.

For 2 years he took a learning break on Vulcan to learn about his family history and to study more about science.

The Sorlek missionsEdit

After his break he was assigned to the Vulcan ship Sorlek where he was a junior medical officer, he stayed on the ship for six years then was transferred over to a Federation medical ship as a medical officer he stayed on the ship for fifteen years and was eventually promoted to a senior medical officer but he yearned for a chance to study humans more in depth (the medical ship's crew were mostly non-humans) so he chose to look for a new vessel but had to wait for five more years before a suitable position became available, he was then transferred to the USS Hawk under Captain Lewis and has served there for four years before being transferred to the Sovereign with him.

Family and personal lifeEdit

Vas Jos for short, was born and raised in San Francisco at Starfleet HQ, his father and mother both being scientists working on classified project.

Background InformationEdit

He is logical and calm in most situations, he is fascinated with humans and likes to study their bodily functions. He enjoys meditating, calm music and can be partial to 'Movies'.