Vandi Richards was a Starfleet ensign serving aboard the USS Exeter. (Starship Exeter)

Starfleet AcademyEdit

Richards graduated Starfleet Academy in 2268.

USS ExeterEdit

She was later assigned to the USS Exeter as captain's personal assistant, much to Captain Garrovick's annoyance.

The dialog does not use the term "yeoman". (Generally a yeoman is a job for an NCO, not a comissioned officer.)

On her first day on the job the Exeter was on a mission to destroy a Tholian device that would annihilate a section of Tressaurian space. When a Tressaurian prisoner killed the transporter crew, Richards took their place. She died when the feedback from transporting the Tholian device destroyed the Transporter Room. ("The Tressaurian Intersection")


Vandi Richards was played by Elizabeth Wheat.

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