Valdemar was an island and nation-state on the planet Volante. It was referred to by the Alliance for Global Unity as the Occupied Territories of Valdemar and by the People's Syndicalist Dominion as the Republic of Valdemar.

The official view of the AGU's leadership in the Confederation of Samar was that Valdemar had been occupied by the Dominion, though the Republic's current government had been in power since 2361 CE and some in Samar, including Secretary of Intelligence Affairs Kar'tan, considered it an effective government.

In 2411, the Dominion built a ballistic missile base on the island; Samar responded by beginning a naval blockade. Within hours of the Royal Samarian Navy leaving port, Valdemar detected what they believed to be a Samarian missile attack, and launched nuclear weapons at Samar in response. Captain Kanril Eleya, observing from orbit aboard USS Bajor, believed the Valdemaran missile launch was based on a false alarm, suspecting a computer glitch or their radar misidentifying an innocuous object such as a flock of birds. When both the AGU and Dominion joined the war, Kanril ordered her ship to intervene in defiance of the Prime Directive. (Bait and Switch: "Shortest War Ever")

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