The VSW Revenge was a Vaadwaur Supremacy Astika-class heavy artillery ship on active service in the early 25th century. (Bait and Switch)

History Edit

In 2410, Revenge was under the command of Commander Darva. Following the cessation of active hostilities between the Supremacy and the Delta Alliance, Revenge was stationed on the Vaadwaur border leading a small picket and was approached by USS Bajor. Captain Kanril Eleya made a pitch for a Vaadwaur-Alliance peace accord, which Darva reluctantly agreed to pass up the chain of command.

Later, Revenge, along with a fleet containing two other Astika-class ships under the command of Overseer Harn, responded to a distress call from Bajor and extricated the crippled Galaxy-class starship from a confrontation with the Borg in the Adaris system. (A Voice in the Wilderness)

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