• CaptainKelsoe
    • Check out the many different versions of the over the years:
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  • CaptainKelsoe

    The following is copy of my original author's notes, before the addition of the blog feature:

    • The complete story arch for the entire series currently gives the series 12 planned seasons.
    • The author is currently taking some time off from writing and planned on having "For Better or Worse" posted before New Years, though circumstance have since made that impossible.
    • Posted a short story, part of the Adventures of the USS Ticonderoga arc to make up for not completing "For Better or Worse".
    • Because of Yahoo! Geocities being shut down some of my external site links might be down for some time while I transfer to new web hosting. --Travis B. Cannon 18:46, 13 May 2009 (UTC)
    • My website has been updated with the new look for season 6. This new look also…
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