"Upgrade" is the first episode with the new backgrounds, hence the title of the episode and the reason to have the background story cover the reasons for the new graphics. It is episode #02, and was first broadcast on May 30, 2005 at the Morris County Public Library. It was written by Daniel Swift and Eugune Hendricks, and directed by Thomas Hendricks (no relation). The computer's voice was provided by Alycia Gerben.


"Upgrade" Poster


The USS Justice is under going refit, but a saboteur is on the loose! A mysterious disease has been released and has already claimed one important person's life. The crew is in serious danger. Can the Captain, Commander Stoeffles and Dr. Lupia find a cure in time to save the Justice and Starbase 24 from infection?

Memorable quotes Edit

"You're making that up! There's no regulation on that."
Engineer Lupia to Stoeffles
"Germ warfare?! Oh yuck!"
— Engineer Viktor Pima to self.
Last produced:
"Return to Doomsday"
Tales of the Seventh Fleet
Next produced:
"A Touch of Home"
Last transmitted:
"Return to Doomsday"
Next transmitted:
"A Touch of Home"

Background informationEdit

  • A Helm Console was built for the final scene and will be used in future episodes.
  • Doctor Hopler's body is actually the actor who plays The Efrosian Captain.
  • The actress who plays Enigma wasn't in this episode much because she was recovering from giving birth to her first child.
  • This was Eugene Hendricks first attempt at editing an episode. His dog, Thor, is given assistant editor credits.

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