The following is a list of unnamed USS Justice (NCC-556) personnel.

For the full list of named personnel, see USS Justice (NCC-556) personnel.

Assistant engineerEdit


Assistant engineer

This assistant engineer worked on repairing open plasma conduits which caused him to burn his arm and report for medical attention.
(TotSF: "Return to Doomsday")

Played by James Miller

Efrosian CaptainEdit


Efrosian Captain

The current Efrosian Captain is the commanding officer of the USS Justice. His name has never been mentioned except by Carl Stoeffles who was involved in a religious ceremony where he learned his name was Sneg. It is unsure if this is a first or last name or both.
(TotSF: "Return to Doomsday" - "A Touch of Home")

Played by Edward C. Tunis III

Enlisted manEdit


Enlisted man

This enlisted man was seen on the back of the bridge of the USS Justice when the crew was diverted to ta’Deb in Klingon space. It appears this enlisted man has contempt for officers by the look he gives one passing officer.
(TotSF: "A Touch of Home")

Played by TJ Longo

Operations officer (female)Edit


Operations officer

This female operations officer was seen walking the hallways of the USS Justice after most of the ships systems where brought back online after the encounter with the Planet Killer.
(TotSF: "Return to Doomsday")

Played by Domma Whitlark
Domma Whitlark is also credited with making David Stein's uniform for actor Mike Stein.



Male yeoman

This male yeoman handed Commander Stoeffles a status report after the encounter with the Planet Killer.
(TotSF: "Return to Doomsday")

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