The Following is a list of unnamed Starfleet Fighter Command personnel serving on the USS Beliskner (Star Trek: New Order)

Victory FlightEdit

In late 2380 Several members of the squadron SFA-103, Callsigns; Victory 105 through 111, were killed in an accident on the flight deck while performing combat landings.

Fighter crews involved in the second battle of Wolf 359Edit

The then Lieutenant Norman Dace lead a flight of twelve fighters, representing the bulk of the Beliskner's space wing in defense of the fleet, unfortunately, due to a lack of adequate training, and the sudden appearance of a new type of Romulan fighter, the entire flight, except Dace, was wiped out.

Deck CrewEdit

Several dozen personnel were involved in fighting a flight deck fire set by Commander Chavin's Fighter when it had crashed as a result of sabotage in mid 2380. In addition one enlisted woman who was serving as Gravity Catapult Operator was murdered by the Section 31 Assassin who sabotaged the fighter craft, so that she could take the crewman's place.

Deck ChiefEdit

The Chief of the Flight Deck preceding Chief Nakita was murdered by Replicator Chavin during her escape from the USS Beliskner in late 2380

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