The University of Maryland is a state university system founded in the 19th century in Baltimore, Maryland. It had six in-person campuses extant in the 24th century, in the cities of College Park, Adelphi, Catonsville (Baltimore County), Princess Anne (Eastern Shore) and Baltimore. When there is no campus specified, the College Park campus is assumed.

The law school, the medical school and the dental school were all located in the Baltimore campus (Lyran classification: research university)

The College Park campus was a major research university with a major basketball program. Students at the College Park campus were called Terrapins. Dunames Lopez turned down the University of Maryland, in addition to the University of Minnesota, Columbia University and the University of Chicago to attend, and play for, the Catholic University of Leuven. (Star Trek: False Vacuum: "Dear Sixteen-Year-Old Me")

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